Ramanath over 3 years ago

" I travel a lot for work from Pune in buses and have travelled with almost all bus services. Since my first ride with the New HKB Tours I have been their regular customer. The reason is their luxurious buses and their reasonable rates. "

Alen Thomas over 3 years ago

" I had booked tickets for me and my grandparents with New HKB Tours from Mumbai. The travel experience was great, my grandparents were not fatigued and they also helped us reach on-time. "

Roopak Dev over 3 years ago

" I had booked the tickets from Hyderabad. The bus was scheduled at 8:45 PM and due to some reasons I got late. I was really worried about missing the bus, then New HKB Tours live bus tracking feature came to my rescue. I immediately tracked the bus and talked to the driver who helped me reach the nearest pickup point so that i could board the bus. I was really happy with their attentive attitude towards my problem. "

Rajesh Varma over 3 years ago

" I always had this feeling that private bus drivers are very unprofessional and unsophisticated. But, when I travelled by New HKB Tours for the first time, I realized that I was wrong! The staff was very well-mannered and quite friendly. They took extra care while loading the luggage. The bus was spotless with fresh curtains, bedsheets and bedspreads. About the journey, It was great. No sudden breaks and rash driving. Overall, it was an amazing experience.. "

Wish you a Happy and Comfortable Journey

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